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the chad slacker diaries

because living in a house with babes and hot tubs and lots of money isn't as awesome as it sounds...

6/15 -- it's dear chad, yo.

12/24 -- a chad slacker christmas.

11/30 -- genies are kind of annoying.

11/25 -- shitty thanksgiving but then things look up.

11/19 -- love is a cold hard son of a bitch.

11/18 -- stupid party.

5/31 -- monolith.

5/27 -- introduction, and a very tragic memorial day weekend.

back to that other chick's journal ...

If you have no idea what Sims are or where they come from, the official Maxis site is a good starting point.

Any extras that don't come with Livin' Large, House Party, or Hot Date came from one of these sites, neither of which appears to be working at the moment, alas:

Sims for Mac
Livin' Around the Sims