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About Me

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i'm in my mid-30s and live with my husband and three cats in a townhouse in the DC suburbs. We're both professional web geeks. When I'm not working, I unwind by playing video games, reading, or trying to teach myself how to cook.

I was born in New York City in 1968, moved to Gaithersburg, Maryland in 1975, and would still love to ask my parents what the hell they were thinking when they agreed to that transfer.

I'm currently working on my company's website. I got the job in mid-2000 solely on the strength of all the stuff I'd taught myself about HTML and Photoshop over the last few years using my trusty "...For Dummies" books; I had neither formal experience nor training. I still think it's pretty cool that I taught myself how to do something well enough to make a living at it, if I do say so.

I have relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. I was officially diagnosed in September of 2000, but by my own reckoning I've had MS since about November of 1999. I'm on an injection therapy that seems to be keeping the MS at bay.

I originally started this journal around 1999 and took a lengthy hiatus starting in 2002. No particular reason: I decided I missed the journal (and needed to update my stagnating web design abilities) and decided to revive it.

You can contact me at the address listed below (you'll have to fill in the missing punctuation). Sorry to be so cagey, but my previous email accounts posted here have ended up overrun by spam taunting me about my small penis. Which I'm very sensitive about, so I don't appreciate all that rudeness.

Stuff You'll Find Here

The Most Examined Brain in Virginia: More than anyone probably wanted to know about my MS diagnosis.

The Chad Slacker Diaries: This was just something extremely silly I did after playing the Sims way too much and wondering what an online journal written by a Sim would be like. On any given day Chad's journal was probably more popular than mine and he definitely gets more e-mail asking him where he's been all this time, so I've decided to keep the site around.

Recipes: One of the things I did during my long downtime was teach myself how to cook. I'll be slapping up some of my favorite recipes here for your enjoyment.

The Half-Assed Archives: These are where my previous entries will be when I've got some previous entries.

Insomniaville Forum: I have on-and-off (mostly off) success with running message boards. Anyhow, this is still around if you want to vent about something. I've gotten tired of creating e-mail addresses just to have them end up overrun with spam and viruses, so this may be your best bet for writing me.